Security Tips

1. Don’t keep your PIN number in the same place as your card

2. Don’t keep easily guessed PIN numbers such as 1234, 0000 etc.

3. Conceal PIN with hand when entering numbers

4. Don’t share your PIN number or OTP with anyone or write it on your card

5. Make sure to sign at the back of your card and destroy expired/unused cards

6. Never leave your cards unattended

7. If your card is lost/stolen, please report it immediately

8. If you think you may have misplaced your card, apply instantly for temporary lock until you find it

9. Always keep your card in a safe and secure place

10. Regularly review your account statement as soon as you receive them to verify transactions

11. Shop with online Merchants you trust such as those with reputable trading name or brand

12. If you suspect unauthorized transactions in your statement, please report immediately 

13. Never give your card number over the phone unless you initiated the call or are certain you know the person who is calling

14. Make sure the correct card is handed back after you make a purchase

15. Never give Merchants your personal information, even if they ask for it. All they can legally request is a valid card and your signature

16. When online shopping, keep receipts in case you need to return or exchange. This includes the Merchant’s internet address and order information

17. Is the site secure? Look for the “https” within the address bar or a “padlock” icon

18. Safe – keep or securely dispose your transaction receipts

19. Enroll in MaxSecure to minimize chances of fraud

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