Card Protection

With no additional fees, your financial liability for transactions made on your lost or stolen card is now fully secured. Get MAXIMUM Card Security for free!

Today, your CrediMax card has become an integral part of your life. Since there is always a risk of your card being lost, stolen and/or used without your knowledge and/or approval, it makes sense that you benefit from the free Card Security Service against the possible misuse of your card(s) prior to reporting it as lost or stolen, whether in Bahrain or abroad.

CrediMax now brings you the comfort of securing your card account on your CrediMax infinite/ Worl elite , Signature / World , Platinum and/or Classic cards. For free, you will be relieved of the financial liability for the unauthorized transactions made with your lost or stolen card(s). This service is subject to the below terms and conditions and will cover only such transactions that are made without your knowledge, participation and/or approval.

The service will be effective 24 hours prior to the time of reporting and up to a maximum of BD 5,000 per annum. Where the theft is reported and approved by CrediMax to ensure conformance with the service terms and conditions, your account(s) will be fully secured from the time of reporting subject to thresholds outlined in clause 2 under ther Terms and Conditions.

It is our belief that we have a duty to secure our cardholders from the relevant risk of taking financial liability for transactions made on the lost or stolen card(s) and to help our cardholders to enjoy the peace of mind and security CrediMax offers its customers.

Terms and Conditions

  • Supplementary cards are automatically covered in this scheme with no extra cost
  • Protection will cover all fraudulent transaction during these 24 hours up to an the Maximum amount of BD 5,000 per annum
  • Reimbursement of fraud transaction will be at the sole discretion of CrediMax
  • There will be a deductible charge of BD 50 when processing claims of card being misused


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