Thameen FAQ

What is CrediMax Thameen program?

Thameen program is a loyalty program that rewards its valued cardholders through earning points for every purchase transaction on their eligible CrediMax credit cards, which can then be redeemed for exciting rewards.

How do I enroll into CrediMax Thameen program?

Enrollment into CrediMax Thameen program is automatic and free for eligible cardholders.

Am I eligible to be enrolled in the Thameen Program?

Thameen Program is available only for Infinite, World Elite, Signature, World, Platinum, Gold, Classic Cardholders under the Credit Card Terms and Conditions as solely determined by CrediMax from time to time. You must also hold a valid CrediMax Card and must remain in Good Standing throughout your participation in the Program.

Are there any membership fees to be enrolled in the program?

No. The enrollment in the Thameen program is absolutely free of charge and CrediMax cardholders are automatically enrolled in the Thameen program.

How do I earn Thameen Points?

Use your CrediMax Cards for all your domestic and international retail spends to earn Thameen Points. The number of Thameen Points that you will be awarded depends on the type of Card you hold:

Card Type

Spending (BD)

No of earned Points

Infinite/World elite Card



Signature/World Card



Platinum Card



Gold Card



Classic Card




Are all my purchases eligible for earning points?

Yes, all purchases are eligible for earning points except of cash withdrawals and all charges.

What are the rewards included in the Thameen Program?

  • Cash back
  • Gift cards
  • Prepaid Mobile TopUp
  • Points Exchange:
  • Gulf Air Miles
  • British Airways Miles
  • Turkish Airlines Miles
  • Etihad Airline Miles
  • Malaysian Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Jet Airways
  • Shukran Points
  • Accor Hotels points
  • Carlson Hotel Points
  • Rotana Hotels Points
  • Travel
  • Air Tickets
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Car Rental

How can I keep track of my Thameen points balance?

The enrollment is automatic however, you must self-register for Thameen Program at or through CrediMax Mobile Application in order to view the points earned and redeem points for exciting rewards.

How can I redeem my Thameen Points?

Points can only be redeemed online at or through CrediMax Mobile Application.

How do Supplementary cardholders earn Thameen Points?

Supplementary Cardholder cards cannot accumulate Points separately under an independent account. Points earned by any Supplementary Cardholder cards will automatically accumulate to the Principal Cardholder account on which the Supplementary Cardholder Cards are issued.

What should I do if I have a dispute in relation to the number of points been earned?

If you have a dispute in relation to the number of points which he/she has been awarded in respect of an Eligible Transaction, such a dispute must be made within 3 months of the date of the Eligible Transaction. A documentary evidence to support the claim is required.

Can the supplementary cardholder redeem the points?

The accumulated points can only be redeemed by the Principal Cardholder and not by any Supplementary Cardholder.

How long it will take for the rewards to be mailed or transferred to me?

Credimax will transfer the miles reward to you within 15 working days on a best-effort basis after receiving the redemption request. Credimax will credit the cash back reward to your account within 3 working days on a best-effort basis after receiving the redemption request. Credimax will prepare the gift cards reward within 5 working days on a best-effort basis after receiving the redemption request.

Can I exchange or refund any rewards?

Redeemed rewards are not exchangeable for other rewards or refundable. Once exchanged for any partner with Thameen Program, points cannot be transferred back. All Rewards are subject to availability and certain restrictions may apply.

What if I lost my reward?

In the event a reward is lost or stolen, you will not be credited back the points onto Thameen Program Account and no new reward will be issued. 

Do Thameen points expire?

Thameen points earned will automatically expire after 36 months from the date of the transaction.

If I cancelled my cards with CrediMax, can I redeem the earned points?

You must redeem the points before cancelling the card account, as at the time of redemption the card must not be cancelled.

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