CrediMax strengthens its leadership position at the forefront of sustainable banking services

CrediMax, the leading company in the financial sector in Bahrain, announced the launch of an initiative aimed at strengthening its responsibility towards protecting the environment. The company affirmed its firm commitment to achieving sustainability by issuing cards made from recycled plastic.

In a strategic step consistent with its social responsibility goals, CrediMix cooperated with suppliers to provide cards made from recycled materials. It also confirms that this diligent step taken by CrediMax to protect the environment is a step that contributes to confronting the problem of plastic waste, and at the same time meets the increasing needs of its customers. The use of recycled plastic materials reflects CrediMix’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint and contributing to the preservation of limited resources.

In this regard, Mr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman Siyadi, CEO of CrediMax, expressed his happiness with such initiatives, saying: “At CrediMax, we recognize the importance of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability. By providing recycled plastic cards, we are also contributing to building A greener, more environmentally friendly future.”

CrediMax continues its commitment to achieving sustainability, and exploring opportunities that contribute to environmentally friendly practices in its operations. The company also aims to be a source of inspiration for others to promote sustainability.
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