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Parent-Young adult Service

Parent-Young adult service is a Mobile App solution associated with a Pre-paid Contactless card called iLead, which is be designed to support the parent in managing the child’s financial awareness and responsibility from an early age. The parent can transfer the allowance and assign rewardable tasks and bonuses with the aim of installing a sense of responsibility and work ethic that will help in making responsible purchasing decisions as they grow older.  

Parent Dashboard

The Parent will be able to oversee their children activities and decide on functions like:

  • Apply for a Child Account
  • change or request reset of the Child Account login password
  • Add the other parent or an adult to view the Child Account Transactions, the Child’s activities, add tasks, bonus and allowances
  • View the Child Account balance
  • Top-up the Child Account
  • View the Card Transaction history of a Child Account
  • Set up and transfer of the Allowance to the Child Account
  • View, control and update a Child Account spending limits
  • Control where the Child may purchase goods and/or services at Merchant’s outlets or Online and ATM cash withdrawals
  • Block or unblock a Card
  • Load Bonus onto the Child Account
  • Set tasks and contribute to child goals

Young Adults Dashboard

The child will have access to his/her own Dashboard via a separate link through the same CrediMax Mobile Application once the account has been created by the Parent. Functions include:

  • View of spending limit for the day and/or for the week, as set by parent
  • Available Balance and total savings
  • Assigned tasks and associated incentives/reward if achieved, as set by parent
  • Access the transactions details/statement of his/her activities
  • View and create new goals/targeted savings for them to achieve

Card Benefits

  • No annual fee charges
  • Up to 30% discount off Cleartrip
  • UAE Serviced Apartment Discounts
  • Local and worldwide acceptance at up to 35.9 million establishments and at up to 2.5 million ATM
  • Purchase protection
  • Monthly E-statement service
  • Free MaxSecure Service for Secure Online Shopping
  • Schenghenvisa letter issuance
  • Global Emergency Cash service
  • 24 access to online banking services and Mobile application
  • 24 hours banking service “Telebanking”
  • 24 hours customer service
  • SMS notification of card transactions and statement
  • Variety of Flexible and Free Payment Channels
  • Mastercard Offers

How can parent apply for iLead card?

CrediMax cardholders (parents) must login to CrediMax Mobile Application and visit the Parents Dashboard page to apply for iLead, for which the parents will be the guarantor by just submitting the child’s information and CPR image.

Note: The iLead card is offered to children ages 7 and above.

Student Card

  • No annual fee
  • Interest rate : 12% APR (1% per month)
  • Standard limit of BD 100
  • Card validity is 3 years
  • Global acceptance

JCB Card

  • No annual fee charges
  • Earn 1 Thameen point for every BD1.5 utilization on the JCB Gold Card
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