Credit Cards

Platinum Card


  • No annual fee charges
  • Competitive Interest rate
  • Flexible monthly payments – 5% on balance
  • Earn 1 Thameen point for every BD1 utilization
  • Local and worldwide acceptance at up to 35.9 million establishments and at up to 2.5 million ATM
  • Free Supplementary Cards
  • Free Access to Marhaba Lounge at Bahrain International Airport
  • Free Monthly E-statement service
  • Grace period up to 25 days from statement date (up to 55 days)
  • A comprehensive Insurance scheme against permanent disablement and decease through “MaxCover”. Please visit
  • Free comprehensive Travel Accident and medical benefits to you and your immediate family members every time you use CrediMax Card to buy travel tickets
  • Delay flight departure and baggage arrival compensation
  • Protect against fraudulent transactions in case of card loss or theft
  • 24 access to online banking services and Mobile application
  • 24 hours banking service “Telebanking”
  • 24 hours customer service
  • SMS notification of card transactions and statement
  • Emergency card issuance and delivery
  • Free MaxSecure Service for Secure Online Shopping
  • Variety of Flexible and Free Payment Channels

Additional Benefits MasterCard Platinum

Additional Benefits Visa Platinum

* Free lounge access is available for cardholders only (6 free visits per annum). Simply present your card and mention the word “Lounge Key” to the airport lounge staff to enjoy FREE entrance. Guests will be charged USD 27* per visit.

   *Starting 1st October 2019, Visa will start Charging $32 per guest

How to Apply

Fill in the related application form, sign it, and submit it along with following documents to CrediMax B.S.C.(closed) or to any of Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait branch, or mail it to:

CrediMax B.S.C. (closed) , P. O . Box 5350 Manama – Kingdom of Bahrain.

- +973 17 117 117
- +973 17 214 193

Required Documents

  1. Copy of valid CPR (Bahraini Nationals) both sides.
  2. Copy of valid Passport and CPR (Including residence permit for non-Bahrainis).
  3. Copy of valid CPR or Passport, both sides (for supplementary cards).
  4. Bank account statements for the past 3 months.
  5. Employment/Salary Certificate (Original copy).
  6. Copy of valid Commercial Registration (For self-employed).

* Original CPR and Passport should be presented with application form.

Please Mail to CrediMax, P.O.Box 5350, Manama

Kingdom of Bahrain or Contact Us: by phone 17117117 or by fax 17214193 (24 Hours Customer Service)

Please download eCrediMax App to apply

JCB Card

  • No annual fee charges
  • Earn 1 Thameen point for every BD1.5 utilization on the JCB Gold Card

Cardy EX Card

  • Multi-Currency Contactless Pre-Paid Card
  • Currency includes (BHD, USD, Euro, Sterling Pound, SR and AED)

  • Exclusive offer of 0.377% with no additional fees for 3 months

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Financing company licensed by Central bank of Bahrain.