Travel Insurance

CrediMax cardholders can enjoy the benefits of an insurance cover respectively, when they purchase their tickets using CrediMax cards in case of the following incidents:

  • Accidental Death abroad
  • Permanent Total / Partial Disability  
  • Delay Baggage Abroad
  • Delay Departure Abroad
  • Flight Cancellation Abroad
  • Trip Cancellation Abroad
  • Medical hospitalization due to accident / emergency illness abroad
  • Emergency dental Care

In the event of any of the above mentioned incidents cardholder shall notify CrediMax as soon as possible and provide the original credit card purchase receipt together with all additional documentation to support the claim amount.

The above benefits are subject to the terms, conditions, definitions and exclusions of Travel Accident Insurance Policy and may differ depending on card type.

For further information please contact CrediMax at or call CrediMax Call Center on 17 117117.

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