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Merchant acquiring is one of the major services that CrediMax offers to its local merchants in Bahrain . With a wide merchant base that it has, CrediMax is ranked as the main acquirer in Bahrain. This service is handled by CrediMax's very capable Merchant Services & Sales department who is responsible for ensuring that the merchants are adequately provided with the means and accessories required to accept payment from their customers through credit cards and debit cards in the most convenient and efficient manner.

Continuous development is an important part of CrediMax's strategy to achieve maximum Customer and Merchants satisfaction. The Merchant Services and Sales Department efficiently handles this task through its professional and expert merchants team officers ( field officers ) , and through the back office support team. The market is divided into four geographic regions and each region is assigned to two dedicated full time merchant team officers who are responsible for the provision of the best quality service to the merchants.

Together the field officers look after the merchants in their region by managing the business promotions, ensuring that the necessary training is provided, attending to problems if any and solve them, besides ensuring that the necessary supplies and stationery are amply available at each merchant outlet.



  • Delivers speed, reliability and ease of use with the powerful combination of the VX platform and the proven Verix operating system
  • Secures with future-proof technology, including EMV®, NFC enablement and PCI PTS 3.X certification
  • Optimizes usability with a compact, ergonomic design featuring a full range of connectivity options and longer-life components
  • Provides maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption and VeriShield Total Protect
  • Internal PIN pad streamlines debit transactions


  • Simple to install and easy to use
  • Built in PIN Pad
  • Petite size saves valuable counter space


  • Built-in wireless payment options
  • Built-in security against identity fraud and misuse
  • Quick-change, high-capacity batteries
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