CrediMax Launches its Contactless Payment Service on its Point of Sale Machines

CrediMax announces the roll out of its contactless payment acceptance to its merchants, giving consumers the convenience of making payments simply by tapping their preferred contactless-enabled payment mode, whether it is a contactless card or Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled device, on CrediMax’s contactless-enabled Point of Sale (POS) terminals.

“In support of our continuous efforts to enhance our customer’s payment experience, we are pleased to launch the contactless payment services and rollout Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled terminals, which allows cardholder to pay electronically without having to insert or swipe their cards on POS machines.”

“This new feature will allow the cardholders with a contactless card and/or (NFC) enabled devices to transact on our POS machines securely with just a tap. Furthermore, CrediMax is currently in the process of introducing a number of innovative payment solutions to be announced in due time.” Added Mr. Mirza.

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