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Classic cards

Three cards-even more benefits

Now you have the power to make those important purchasing decisions and cash withdrawals, any time and absolutely anywhere.

CrediMax opens a world of opportunities with CrediMax Visa, MasterCard and JCB Classic Credit Cards.

Accepted throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain and at over 39.5 million establishments worldwide, it is the perfect companion for shopping both at home and abroad.

What's more, CrediMax Visa, MasterCard and JCB Classic Credit Cards also operate as global ATM cards. So you can withdraw cash in local currency whenever the need arises.

With CrediMax Visa, MasterCard and JCB Classic Credit Cards, you will not pay any annual fee, it is absolutely free. Once you receive your monthly statement you have to pay 5 % only of the outstanding balance each month within 25 days from the statement date. You will only be charged 1.85 % per month on any outstanding balance.

For the product features and benefits, please refer to the relevant section.

How you can apply

To get our Classic Visa, MasterCard Credit and JCB Cards, fill in the related application form, sign it, and send it along with following documents to the Company or to any of Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait branch, or mail it to:

CrediMax , P. O . Box 5350 Manama – Kingdom of Bahrain.

  1. If self - employed , copy of the Commercial Registration
  2. Copy of ( CPR ) , both sides
  3. Original employment certificate, stating date of employment, monthly salary, and position held.
  4. Copies of the bank account statements for the last 3 months.
  5. In case of Bahrain residences, in addition to the above, copy of passport with Residence Permit is required.