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Purchase Protection Service

1.0 Definitions and Interpretation

For the Purpose of this Service

1.1 Company means CrediMax (B.S.C.) Closed, The Kingdom of Bahrain.

1.2 CrediMax Card means VISA, MasterCard, and JCB cards issued by the Company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and any other card(s) the Company may issue in the future.
1.3 Purchase Protection Service means the insurance against the cost of repair or replacement of the Insured Personal Property where such Property has sustained physical willful damage during the Period of Insurance subject to the Terms and Conditions herein.
1.4 Designated Representative means the person authorized by the Company to act on its behalf for the Purchase Protection Service.
1.5 Insured Person means the holder of CrediMax Card(s) (main and supplementary cardholders) entitled to the Purchase Protection Service.
1.6 Card Account means the account(s) maintained by the Company in the name of the main cardholder. The cardholder may possess a number of supplementary cards for his family members under his account.
1.7 Insured Personal Property means any tangible personal property of the Insured Person subject to the General Exclusions, where such Property is purchased entirely using a CrediMax Card.
1.8 Global Coverage Area means the worldwide territory covered by the Purchase Protection Service where the Insured Personal Property is purchased or located in.
1.9 Beneficiary means the person entitled to receive indemnification from the Company for damage of Insured Personal Property.
1.10 Unattended means where the Insured Person is not in a position to prevent the damage to the Personal Property.

2.0 Coverage

2.1 Subject to the Exclusions under Clause (5) and Clause (6) of these Terms and Conditions, and provided always that the Terms and Conditions have been complied with, the Company undertakes to indemnify the Insured Person against willful damage during the Period of Insurance.
2.2 In case of damage which can be repaired, the Company may at its own discretion, provide indemnify to the Insured Person by repair or replacement of damage or make payment of price where the value of repair may exceed the value of the Insured Property at date of purchase.
2.3 The Indemnity covered shall be in accordance with Clause (4), and as may be reviewed by the Company from time to time.
2.4 In the event that only a part of the purchase price is charged to the CrediMax Card Account, the Company shall not be liable to indemnify the Insured Person for the damage. The total price of the purchase must be charged to the CrediMax Card Account.

3.0 Cover Period

The coverage by the Purchase Protection Service shall only apply to purchases by the Insured Person paid entirely using the CrediMax Card Account and made within the Global Coverage Area. The Cover Period shall commence from the date of purchase and end after 30 calendar days from the date of purchase. For Property purchased under a merchandising program wherein delivery takes place at a later scheduled date, the Cover Period shall commence from the date of delivery of the Insured Property and end after 30 calendar days from the date of delivery.

4.0 Scope of Cover

The maximum liability of the Company under the Purchase Protection Service in any case, is BD 500 per Insured Person per year on all accounts.

5.0 General Exclusions

The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by or arising out of:

5.1 Mechanical or electrical breakage, breakdown, failure or derangement.
5.2 Property left Unattended in a public place or a place to which the public has access at the time of the incident.
5.3 Repairs, renovations, alterations, additions or improvements to interior or exterior, any process of cleaning, bleaching, drying, dying, maintenance, restoring or servicing.
5.4 Wear and tear, leakage, loss of weight, shrinking, evaporation, bulging, contamination, insect or vermin, corrosion, mildew, atmospheric or climatic conditions including frost, humidity, heat, rain, sleet, snow, or wind.
5.6 Delay, confiscation, detention, or seizure by order of any government, public, or police authority.
5.7 Willful fraudulent acts, or willful negligence of the Insured Person or his representative or any person residing in the same household or to whom the Insured Personal Property has been entrusted.
5.8 Mysterious disappearance or unexplained loss.
5.9 Transit by air, ship, vehicle, vessel, train, or any other mod of public transportation, unless the Insured Property is hand carried by the Insured Person during the course of the transit.
5.10 Faulty or defective design, material, or workmanship.
5.11 Radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear waste or nuclear components.
5.12 Services including performance or rendering of labor works or professional advice or skill of any kind.
5.13 Acts of God including cyclones, earthquakes, floods hurricanes, sandstorms, tornadoes, typhoons, volcano eruptions, and windstorms.
5.14 War, invasion, acts of foreign enemy, hostilities, warlike operations (whether declared or not), civil war, mutiny, rebellion, revolution, riot, strike, civil commotion, military power, malicious political organizations, or any event which determine the proclamation or maintenance of martial law or state of siege.

6.0 Excluded Property:

The Company shall not be liable for any damage to the following:

6.1 Property that is insured under another insurance policy, unless its coverage does not extend to cover such damage.
6.2 Property that is insured by guarantee or warranty of the manufacturer, supplier, or distributor, unless it does not extend to cover such damage.
6.3 Consumable and perishable property.
6.4 Boats, cars, motor vehicles, motor cycles or their motors, equipment, and accessories including communication devices intended solely for use in the vehicle, bicycles, marine craft, aircraft, model airplane and boats.
6.5 Any business or commercial property, or property purchased to be used for business purpose.
6.6 Cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, travelers cheques, money orders, postage stamps, securities, files, drawings, negotiable instruments of any kind, rare or precious coins, documents, deeds, tickets of any kind, or unset gemstones.
6.7 Livestock, pets, animals, plants or other living creatures.

7.0 Claims Conditions

7.1 Upon the occurrence of any incident giving rise to claim under the Purchase Protection Service, the Beneficiary shall immediately, and no later than 7 days after the incident, give notice to the Company or its Designated Representative and shall prepare all evidence and particulars as may be required.
7.2 The Beneficiary shall immediately notify the Police wherein the incident occurred and obtain a Police Report for the Insured Personal Property damaged.
7.3 The Beneficiary shall complete an appropriate claim form no later than 14 days after the incident and submit it to the Company or its Designated Representative together with the following:
(a) Original Police Report for Insured Property willfully damaged.
(b) Original invoice or receipt of sales.
(c) Photograph of damaged property.
(d) The Insured Personal Property
(e) Credit card slip indicating the damaged property was purchased with CrediMax Card.

8.0 Payment of Claim

All payable indemnity shall be paid to the Beneficiary by crediting his CrediMax Card Account. No cash or cheque will be given, nor will payment be transferred to any other account(s).

9.0 General Terms

9.1 All information, evidence, and proof required by the Company or its Designated Representative shall be furnished by the Beneficiary at his own expense and shall be in such form and manner as prescribed by the Company or Designated Representative
9.2 The Beneficiary shall take all reasonable precautions to protect the Property and minimize the damage. The Company will not be liable for any damage arising out of failure to exercise the necessary level of care and diligence.
9.3 In the event of settlement of total damage, any salvage shall become the absolute property of the Company and it may dispose of it as it deems.
9.4 In no event shall the Beneficiary abandon the Insured Personal Property to the Company or its Designated Representative unless with prior written consent of the Company.
9.5 In the event of a claim under this policy, the Company may use all legal means in its own name or the name of the Beneficiary to recover any part of the Insured Personal Property or to obtain reimbursement of any damage.
9.6 The Company shall not be responsible for any depletion in value of the Insured Personal Property and shall not account for damages profits of any kind.
9.7 The Company will consider providing the Purchase Protection Service to any person who is a CrediMax Cardholder, with a valid and regular Card Account at the time of the incident. The Insured Persons will conform to the Company's usual applicable conditions as determined from time to time at the Company's sole discretion.
9.8 In the Event of non-compliance by the Insured Person with any of the above terms and conditions any liability of the Company that would have arisen as a result of such willful damage shall be forfeited.

10.0 Pair and Set

Where any Insured Personal Property is part of pair or set, the Company shall not be liable to pay more than the proportionate price of any part or parts which are damaged without reference to any special value it may have as part of pair or set.

11.0 Governing Law

The Law of the Kingdom of Bahrain shall govern this agreement. Any dispute arising out of or in relation to hits Agreement including its construction, performance, or validity shall be referred to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Commercial Arbitration Centre in the Kingdom of Bahrain and shall be determined in accordance to its rules and regulations.