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Purchase Protection Service

Introducing the CrediMax Purchase Protection Service…… Free of charge

As a card that is committed to giving you maximum privileges and services, we are pleased to introduce another value addition to your CrediMax card - the CrediMax Purchase protection Service, at no additional charges.

Among other privileges, your CrediMax card provides you with unmatched comfort while you are shopping. The new service has been launched in line with our endeavor to add further peace of mind to your shopping experience. It assures you that all your purchases made through CrediMax are protected against Damages.

Under the coverage of the Purchase Protection Service, should any incident dispossess you of an item purchases through your CrediMax card, you have the right to be compensated.

For further information please contact CrediMax at Credimax@credimax.com.bh or call 17 117117 (24 hours customer services) or you may fax us your inquiry on 17 214193. Thank you for contacting CrediMax.