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Security Tips for Merchants

While CrediMax continues to adopt methods to combat card fraud, you have a very important role to play in enhancing and protecting yourself from any fraudulent card usage. Kindly adhere to the following merchant hints and obligations as any violation may result a financial loss and may end to agreement termination.

1- Split sales transactions are not allowed. Specifically, merchant must not use two or more sales transactions receipts for a single transaction to avoid or circumvent authorization limits.

2- Merchant must not disclose account information to third party and must store all materials containing account numbers, sales slips, vouchers and carbons in secure area.

3- Whenever a card is present at the time of a transaction, merchants are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the card, cardholder and transaction are legitimate. These steps are the following:

  • To check the card security features. Make sure that the card is valid and has not been visibly altered in any way.
  • Compare card information with the Cardholder.
  • Check the signature on the Card and the slip.
  • Be on the lookout for the suspicious behavior.
  • Make a Code 10 Call for suspect fraud. Even if you receive an authorization approval, but still suspect fraud. Code 10 call on 17 117185.
4- Reduce Key Entered Transactions. When a merchant manually enters the card number utilizing the numeric key pad on a point-off-sale terminal, their will be high risk associated with such transactions (Higher risk associated with high transaction amount).

5- Do not process mail order transaction until you verify the transaction with CrediMax (17 117116).

6- In case of Merchant changed his line of business, a written notification must be sent to CrediMax revealing the new type of business.

For more details, please contact Card Security Section on 17 117185 or your CrediMax representative staff.