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Being the first credit card issuer in the Kingdom of Bahrain,CrediMax evolved to be a pioneering market leader in credit issuing and acquiring since issuing the first credit card in July 1991 as card centre at Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, one of the largest commercial banks in the Kingdom.

Previously, CrediMax was simply a card centre within the Retail Division of Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait. In April 1999,the card centre was spin off into a separate and independent fully owned subsidiary of the Bank, with the aim of focusing on the credit cards line of business and to be capable of further expanding both locally and regionally.

By maintaining a solid market leadership in a competitive market like Bahrain, CrediMax was able to consolidate its position by ensuring and maintaining high quality customer service, introducing a diverse array of new innovative products and services, continuous enhancement of existing products and by introducing value-added campaigns and promotion on a continuous basis.

Through its strategic alliances with renowned institutions that include Visa, MasterCard and JCB, CrediMax was successfully able to further position itself as a leading card-issuing and acquiring company with an intensive portfolio of worldwide acceptance.

CrediMax products include Platinum cards, Internet credit cards CrediNet and the unique smartcard-based loyalty program (MaxPoints).

As Merchant Services is an important factor of financial businesses, CrediMax was the first card acquirer that introduced state-of-the-art Point of sales (POS) machines that are well equipped to accept Smart Card including Visa, MasterCard, JCB products, Benefits, and GCC Net.

Overall, CrediMax resaves no efforts to invest in technology and other resources to facilitate the latest and most convenient means and ways of efficient customer service to its clients.

Being the most important factor to elevate the standard of services and products quality up to the customers' expectation, CrediMax has and will continue to invest into its 100% Bahraini resources and facilitate all means of academic and professional training and career development to strengthen the human resource factor that CrediMax believes is their main and most important asset.

There is total of 79 members of staff at CrediMax, with an average age of 33 years old. CrediMax staff enjoy extensive educational backgrounds, where most members are University degree holders or above.

Business and product development are an integral part of CrediMax on-going expansion and growth strategies with respect to approaching other markets for innovative joint ventures.

With a solid infra-structure and a profound management system, CrediMax has always been ahead of the latest technological developments and changes that take place in the international credit card business, and hence, the company's network systems are promptly updated to ensure that the highest quality and standards is on par the international credit card arena.


The Preferred Regional Payment Service Brand


We are committed to:
  • Provide convenient and means of cashless Payments by offering high quality products and services in the region
  • Be the preferred place to work
  • Deliver healthy growth in returns to our shareholders
  • Act as responsible Corporate Citizen