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With CrediMax cards, we offer you complete and secure worldwide online protection

Introducing CrediMax Online Authentication Service (MaxSecure)

CrediMax is offering convenient and secured online shopping service through CrediMax Online Authentication Service (MaxSecure) which enables CrediMax cardholders to identify themselves as the holder of the credit card when making an online payment. This service is very similar to using a PIN number at any ATM or Point of Sale(POS) machine.

To use (MaxSecure) for online payments, CrediMax Cardholders are required to enroll to the Service & obtain a password that must be entered correctly every time an online payment towards goods & or services is made.

The (MaxSecure) is offered through MasterCard and Visa internationally known as MasterCard® SecureCode & Verified by Visa which is designed to protect both Cardholders and Merchants from possible fraudulent transactions purported by fraudsters and improve the level of trust and confidence in the Online Payment channel.

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