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Visa Corporate Card

CrediMax Corporate Card a corner stone to your business success

At CrediMax, we are honoured to offer you our Corporate Card. Now you can enjoy a range of benefits and personal attention anytime, anywhere,. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 17 117117, Fax us at 17 214193 or E-mail us at credimax@credimax.com.bh

Your Corporate Card offers you the following benefits:


1) Free Annual Membership

The card is offered for free, regardless of the number of cards you require for your employees.



2) Grace Period

You have grace period 25 days from the statement date to pay the amount due



3) Worldwide Acceptance

Your card is accepted worldwide at over 39.5 million establishments and up to 2.5 million ATM's



4) Travel Accident Insurance

Buy travel ticket using your card and receive free and comprehensive Travel Accident Insurance up to USD 250,000



5) Travel Assistance

Enjoy full assistance through "International SOS" offices located across the world, offering every form of assistance you might require during your travels.



6) Travel Benifits

The Corporate Card allows you to enjoy unique benefits not offered by other cards such as compensation for baggage loss or delay, travel delay, flight cancellation, document replacement, and personal labiality, as well as legal expense coverage.



7) 24-hours Customer Service

Get access to our 24-hour customer service, who can deal quickly and efficiently with any enquiry or emergency you may have.



8) Free Telephone Banking Service

Our telephone banking services are available to all our cardholders for free, 24 hours a day.



9) Free Internet Banking Service

Get total peace of mind, by accessing your account 24 hours a day through our internet banking services.



10) Specially Customised Monthly Report

For better control and added convenience, recieve summarized reports on all cards that have been issued to your organisation.



11) Emergency Card Replacment

In case your card is lost or stolen we will issue a new card within 24 hours. All you have to do is contact our help desk on (+973) 17 117 116.