CrediMax donated to the Royal Humanitarian Foundation its Annual Support for “A Fils Can Change Life” Project

CrediMax provided its annual support to the Royal Humanitarian Foundation towards the “A Fils Can Change Life” Project, where CrediMax donates a fils for any credit card transaction made through its Point Of Sale (POS) machines.

Mr. Ahmed A. Seyadi, CrediMax Chief Executive, expressed his gratitude for CrediMax’s continuous support for the Foundation’s projects towards the Bahraini orphans, as well as all the charitable and humanitarian works carried out by the Royal Humanitarian Foundation for the good of the people in the Kingdom. It is very pleasing to know that our customers are also contributing to the cause whenever they use their cards on our POS machines.   

Dr. Mustafa AlSayed, Secretary General – Royal Humanitarian Foundation, praised CrediMax’s support throughout the years which contributed in supporting and providing the orphan’s a more comfortable lifestyle. It is worth mentioning that CrediMax is one of the first pioneers in charitable work that initiates community partnership to serve those families affiliated with the Royal Humanitarian Foundation. 

Needless to say, that through the “A Fils Can Change Life” project, the Royal Humanitarian Foundation seeks a permanent source of support for about 6,000 families under the Foundation’s umbrella focusing on programs and projects held for the orphans and widows. A simple idea in value yet provides a great return for the society as a whole.

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