CrediMax and BBK Joint Digital Wallet Initiative

Following the recent launch of CrediMax’s digital wallet ‘MaxWallet’, a joint initiative is announced by CrediMax and BBK to provide more services and make available a number of easy to use features and benefits in a digitally secured and rapid growing financial service environment. This joint initiative is part of BBK’s group strategic direction to strengthen and elevate the level of services and products offered to its customers driven by customers’ demands and advancements in technology.

“MaxWallet” is the most recognized digital wallet solution recently introduced by CrediMax offering a wide range of easy to use services & features to the customers and merchants in Bahrain.  CrediMax & BBK joint initiative will focus on providing more services and payment options like transferring money, sharing payments with friends and family in addition to the wallet’s existing services to the customers in Bahrain.  

The joint initiative will automatically enable BBK customers to benefit from CrediMax’s existing digital wallet solution like making purchases via Quick Response Payments (QR) using their personal BBK Debit Cards. More and more attractive services & features will be made available gradually on the MaxWallet as part of this joint initiative to make CrediMax and BBK’s customers’ payment experience easy and a memorable one. The objective of this joint initiative will be the roll out and facilitation of a digital environment that enables quick and secured payment options & services to its customers.

Commenting on this occasion, Chief Executive of CrediMax, Mr. Yousif Ali Mirza said, “CrediMax continuously looks at ways to expand and extend its offerings with meaningful and value added services and features. This joint initiative further consolidates and brings to light our vision of embracing technology and enabling digital transformation in the Bahraini market. Going this way and with our joint initiative with Bahrain’s pioneering retail and commercial bank, BBK, strengthens our position as leaders in the digital space in the market” he added.

Assistant General Manager- Retail Banking at BBK, Dr. Adel Salem commented, “BBK has a long standing leading position and experience in providing an exceptional and innovative customer service experience for all of our customers. The roll out of latest, unique banking products and enabling technology in the Bahrain market has been and will always be a corner stone of our strategy over the years. This joint initiative will undoubtedly make BBK’s and CrediMax’s customers use of our products and services a more convenient, rewarding & pleasant journey to remember. We are very happy to yet again work to provide our customers more value in line with our strategy and continuous efforts to meet and exceed customers’ expectations every time they use our products & services “he added.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the offering of the MaxWallet digital wallet solution, BBK has recently announced the launch of the EFTS service through all of BBK’s ATMs.  BBK has also pioneered in launching the Kingdom’s first Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) in its Isa Town Financial Mall, and the introduction of the ‘BBK Queue’ application, - a mobile phone application that allows BBK’s Retail Banking customers to plan their visit to the branch by booking a ‘virtual ticket’ and avoiding queues. The Bank moreover recently introduced “Cardless Withdrawal” allowing BBK customers to withdraw cash from any BBK ATM without using their BBK debit card in a convenient and secure manner. All of these latest value-added services launched by the Bank form a key part of its strategy and continued efforts to enhance the customer experience.

MaxWallet is currently available on both Android and iOS and the new services will soon be added to the wallet.

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