CE Message

Ever since CrediMax was established in 1999, we have been at the forefront of a rapidly emerging needs, expectations and aspirations of our customers offering best-in-class products and services.

Offering a vast range of card payment and merchant acceptance products and services has grown more than ever diversification and changes in consumer lifestyles and demands setting the stage for customers taking control.

Looking at the business in its totality and over the years, CrediMax has gradually transformed itself from simple card operations to a robust “indigenous” brand taking lead in the payment marketplace. This transformation has entailed organizational restructuring, implementation of various control and risk policies and tools, improvement of card operational knowledge and skills development and recruitment of human resources helping manage a very fast growing and transforming payment marketplace.

Driven by its prime objective of “Helping Going Cashless”, CrediMax continues to provide state of the art and latest technology enabling merchants and service providers drive incremental business and meet the needs of the customers. Customers who,  more than ever before, demand, easy, convenient and secure method of payment products and acceptance over all channels.

Together with our customers, partners and stake holders, we seek and will continue to explore new ways with innovative thinking and exploitations of every opportunity to use technology and our experience to provide the kinds of products and services customers come to expect from us – Best-in-Class Products and Superior Quality of Customer Service.

Yousif Ali Mirza

Chief Executive
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