Credit Cards

Prepaid Card

Prepaid gift cards with CrediMax, Get the perfect one today! 

Choosing the perfect gift has never been easier. For holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or any other celebration, CrediMax brings you the special gift; prepaid cards.

For the first in the Bahrain enjoy 3 different types of prepaid cards:

“Thank you", "Gift" and "Youth gift" cards.

CrediMax prepaid cards are accepted everywhere locally and internationally where Visa cards are welcomed.

Prepaid cards are available for the following denominations (100, 50, 30, and 20).

Card general information:

    • The cards are none- reloadable.
    • Cannot be used for ATM cash withdraw.
    • Can be used at any outlet that accepts Visa cards.

CrediMax B.S.C. (closed) , P. O . Box 5350 Manama – Kingdom of Bahrain. 

- +973 17 117 117
- +973 17 214 193

Cardy EX Card

  • Multi-Currency Contactless Pre-Paid Card
  • Currency includes (BHD, USD, Euro, Sterling Pound, SR and AED)

  • Exclusive offer of 0.377% with no additional fees for 3 months

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Financing company licensed by Central bank of Bahrain.