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Credinet Card

Shop on the internet without fear with CrediNet

Introducing CrediNet - the first internet card in Bahrain from CrediMax. CrediNet Visa or MasterCard cards give you piece of mind, and are your passport to safe internet shopping anytime and anywhere.

Through CrediNet Visa or MasterCard cards, you are insured against fraud, and the danger of card misuse is minimized.

  1. Pre-set CrediNet

    If you are a CrediMax cardholder, you can apply for your free CrediNet Visa or MasterCard card by e-mailing us on credimax@credimax.com.bh, specifying your CPR number.

    You will be charged 1.85 % per month on any outstanding balance. However, like any other credit card you carry, you have to pay 5 % of the balance within 25 days from the statement date.

  2. Pre-paid CrediNet card

    If you are not a CrediMax cardholder, you can still avail our CrediNet Visa or MasterCard card, through a pre-paid option. You can apply for the card with no initial limit.