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Rules & Regulations
  • Some slides and attractions need adherence to height and weight restrictions
  • Please do not attempt use Wahooo! if you are aware you have an infectious disease
  • Please do not enter the water if you have had a gastro-intestinal infection within the last 48 hours
  • Wahooo operates a strict No Diving policy throughout the park.
  • Please respect others; refrain from taking any photographs apart from those of your own family members and friends.
  • Complimentary tubes/mats can be found at each slide; kindly note personal inflatable aids are not permitted in these areas
  • Suitable swimwear must be worn at all times; no denim, buckles or braces. Please respect the local culture at all times.
  • Floatation aids are provided throughout the waterpark, please ensure correct fitting
  • Children below the age of two years must wear close fitting swim diapers at all times; these can be bought at Wave Pro located near the park entrance.
  • For your own safety we recommend all jewellery is removed prior to using the waterpark.
  • Food and beverages, coolers and glass may not be brought into the park; bags may be searched by security personnel for prohibited items.
  • Smoking is not permitted within the park.
  • Lifeguards are trained to provide safety; Please adhere to lifeguard instructions; failure to do so may result in removal from the waterpark without a refund.
  • Queue systems may operate at some slides; queue jumping is not permitted.
  • Unused credit on your wristband must be redeemed prior to exit.
  • For your own safety refrain from running around in the waterpark.
  • Guests can be held responsible for damage caused to Wahooo! Waterpark property.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any guest to protect the safety and security of other guests. Explanation for refusal is not mandatory.
  • For your safety the Waterpark is monitored by CCTV cameras.

Child Admission Policy

The safety and comfort of all our guests at Wahooo! Waterpark is the highest priority of our team. In order to create a safe environment for all, height restrictions apply on several rides and in addition a child admission policy is in place.

In order to gain entry into the pools at Wahooo! Waterpark, children need to be accompanied by an adult, the below policy is in place for the safety of all and non-compliance could result in removal from the water park.


Adult Supervision

0 - 3 Years old
Two children per adult, where adult accompanies in the water. (Child to be wearing buoyancy aid all the times)

4 - 7 Years old
Three children per adult, where adult accompanies in water. (Child to be wearing buoyancy aid all the times)

8 - 11 Years old
Adult on Wahooo! Waterpark premises.

12 - 16 Years old
Contact details of parent / legal guardian to be given upon entry.

*Responsible adult, a person over the age of 17 years old who is a competent swimmer that is responsible for the child he or she is accompanying.

*For all children under the age of 2 years, please ensure a close fitting swim diaper is worn at all times, these are available to purchase from Wave Pro